Best Toy Cars for Toddler in 2020

Want to see your kid having fun while developing their skills and knowledge? Experts agree that providing your child with an assortment of toy cars can significantly boost their mental and fine motor skills. Toy cars might look simple but they are very helpful when it comes to improving your child’s dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and even problem-solving skills.

Finding the best toy cars for your child is not an easy task at all. If you search online, you’ll be overwhelmed with the list of products available in the market today. Fortunately, you bumped into this article and we’re here to make your life a lot easier.

We have compiled the 10 best toy cars for the toddler in 2020. This list of best cars should boost the development of your child through play and imagination.

List of best toy cars for toddler

1.Black+Decker Junior Power Workbench WorkshopGreen Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub ToyView on Amazon
2.KIDAMI Die-cast Metal Toy Cars Set of 5, Openable Doors, Pull Back CarKIDAMI Die-cast Metal Toy CarsView on Amazon
3.Hot Wheels 20 Cars Gift Pack, Styles May VaryHot Wheels 20 Cars Gift PackView on Amazon
4.Green Toys Car Carrier Vehicle Set Toy, BlueGreen Toys Car Carrier Vehicle Set ToyView on Amazon
5.Melissa & Doug Pull-Back VehiclesMelissa & Doug Pull-Back VehiclesView on Amazon
6.Coogam 4 Pack Friction Powered Cars Construction Vehicles Toy SetCoogam Powered Cars Construction Vehicles Toy SetView on Amazon
7.PJ Masks Vehicle Cat-Car & Catboy FigurePJ Masks Vehicle Cat-Car & Catboy FigureView on Amazon
8.VTech Drop and Go Dump TruckVTech Drop and Go Dump TruckView on Amazon
9.iBaseToy Toy Cars, Transport Car Carrier Truck 12 in 1 Educational Vehicles Toy Car Set for ToddlersiBaseToy Toy CarsView on Amazon
10.Toy Truck Transport Car CarrierToy Truck Transport Car CarrierView on Amazon

1. Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

Suggested Age: 3 ~ 10 years

Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub is a fun toy for toddler that can be played both indoors and outdoors. It’s a 3-piece set that includes colorful toys such as sky blue ferry, red, and yellow cars. The product is safe for your toddler since it has no BPA, phthalates, PVC, or any external coatings which can be harmful to your child’s health. Also, it is made out of 100% recycled plastic.

Your child will surely enjoy the spacious cargo area and the slide-out ramp of the item. It has an open design that allows them to place their other toys such as action figures or animal toys. And since it’s a ferry, it does float in water! Also, it has a pontoon-inspired design that keeps the toy from rolling over the water. The Green Toys Ferry Boat is not only a fun and exciting toy for your children but also a smart and safe choice for the parents since it’s made out of environment-friendly materials.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a toy car that is safe and fun to play, then you can’t go wrong with this item. With this toy, you’re not only helping your child have a fun time but you’re also teaching them to protect nature.

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Easy cleaning
  • Interactive toy for pool and bath time
  • Cars can make lots of noise when played on hard surfaces

 2. KIDAMI Die-cast Metal Toy Cars

KIDAMI Die-cast Metal Toy Cars Set of 5, Openable Doors, Pull Back Car

Suggested Age: 3 years and up

If you want your child to play with die-cast toy cars then you must choose the right product that is made out of safe and top quality metal and plastic materials. Kids can play rough at times and some toys easily break and hazardous materials scatters which your child might accidentally swallow. You don’t want choking hazards to happen that’s why you have to make sure that you’re buying high-quality toys only. With Kidami Die-cast Metal Toy Cars, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the toys car won’t easily break.

Each car toy included in the package has an impressive design. Your kids will love its realistic look that has authentic decorations and openable doors. The colors of these cars are also vibrant and this encourages your kids to develop their imagination. Package includes SUVs, van, school bus, toy car police, and a SWAT car. There’s no doubt that your kids will find delight in these toys.

Conclusion: Kidami Die-cast Metal Toy Cars is a bright and realistic toy car that your kids will surely enjoy. It’s a toy that can last for many years which you and your child will treasure.

  • High-quality materials
  • Great educational toys
  • Realistic design
  • Sturdy yet safe to play
  • Vibrant collections of cars
  • Not recommended for babies and very young kids due to metal material

3. Hot Wheels 20 Cars Gift Pack

Hot Wheels 20 Cars Gift Pack, Styles May Vary

Suggested Age: 3 ~ 7 years

We can’t finish this article without mentioning Hot Wheels! It’s a wonderful toy vehicle that is perfect for children who love to play with colorful toys. Parents who also love to collect cars will find great delight with this toy. It features classic car decorations and cool designs. It’s easy to play and all you have to do is to push it around and watch it go.

Apart from enjoying collectible designs, Hot Wheels 20 Cars also help in improving your child’s motor and cognitive skills. It might look like a simple play for your kids but the truth is, they are learning a lot from playing these toys. Toy vehicles also stimulate the imagination of your children.

Conclusion: These race track toy cars are a must-have for kids. It’s a classic brand that has made countless of children happy. It’s colorful and spectacular design is enough to make your children smile and have priceless playtime.

  • Colorful designs
  • High-quality materials
  • Great car collections
  • Materials can be quite sturdy and hard for some kids

4. Green Toys Car Carrier Vehicle Set Toy

Green Toys Car Carrier Vehicle Set Toy, Blue

Suggested Age: 3 ~ 5 years

Green Toys Car Carrier Vehicle Set Toy is perfect for recommend for parents who are looking for brightly-colored mini cars that are made out of safe quality materials. It’s a fun toy set that comes from 100% recycled plastic, this means that your kids will have a fun time while both of you protect the environment. It’s an ideal toy car that effectively develops the imagination and motor skills of your child.

The 5 piece set includes a cab with an awesome detachable trailer. The bright colored mini cars included in the set will surely catch the attention of your children. This toy is also manufactured and assembled in the USA which means guarantees great durability. Moreover, this car carrier also doesn’t contain any paints, dyes, and external coatings which can harm your kids and the environment.

Conclusion: The Green Toys Car Carrier is best for building your child’s muscles and motor skills. It’s made out of 100% recycled plastic materials which means that you’re helping the environment while providing your kid the toy he or she deserves.

  • Ideal for small toddler hands
  • Easy storage and can be brought to outdoors
  • Pushing the cars and trucks develops your kid’s muscle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Great balance
  • Made out of top quality 100% recycled plastic materials
  • Wheels can be very noisy on hard surfaces

5. Melissa & Doug Pull-Back Vehicles

Melissa & Doug Pull-Back Vehicles

Suggested Age: 1 ~ 4 years

For parents who prefer soft toy cars for their toddlers, then the Melissa & Dough Pull-Back Vehicles is the ideal choice. The set includes 4 soft colorful vehicles that are safe to play not only for toddlers but also for babies. It has a great collection of cars and trucks which include a family car, school buys, police car, and fire truck. It’s a gold standard for baby and toddler play – thanks to Melissa & Doug manufacturer who has been making toys for more than 30 years!

This product is also very easy to play and has a remarkable rev-up mechanism which gives the toy an amazing level of acceleration even with little output. Just teach your kid to pull the toy back and release – see the toy zoom across the floor. Aside from providing your toddler a fun time, these pull-back vehicles also promote multiple skill development. It promotes the development of your child’s fine motor, gross motor, sensory, community, and artistic skills.

Conclusion: Parents who wanted their child to experience toy car play without using plastic or hard materials will find the Melissa & Dough Pull-Back Vehicles a great investment. It’s an easy-to-play toy that offers many health, physical, and mental benefits to your children.

  • Soft vehicles for safer play
  • Easy to operate
  • Promotes multiple skill development
  • Incredible rev-up mechanism
  • Made by safe and quality materials
  • Colors fade very easily
  • You need to wash them to prevent moisture and accumulation of bacteria

6. Coogam Powered Cars Construction Vehicles Toy Set

Coogam 4 Pack Friction Powered Cars Construction Vehicles Toy Set

Suggested Age: 2 years and up

Coogam 4 Pack Friction Powered Cars Construction Vehicles Toy Set is recommended for children who find trucks and scooping objects interesting. The toy set includes 1 dump truck, 1 cement truck, 1 farm tractor with a wagon, and 1 bulldozer. It runs smoothly on both hardwood floors and even on carpets. Also, there’s no need for you to spend on batteries since this toy is powered by friction and moving mechanism. Unlike any other friction powered toys that you find today, this one runs smoothly.

The product is also made out of safe non-toxic plastic materials. It doesn’t have any small parts and sharp corners which is safer to play even for babies who like to put objects inside their mouths. When it comes to the design, these toys have bright and appealing colors that will surely stimulate the imaginations of your children. Boost your kid’s cognitive and motor skills by buying this incredible toy car.

Conclusion: Choosing a toy cars for babies that have non-toxic plastic material is crucial for many parents. Now you can purchase toys such as Coogam Vehicles that are fun and at the same time safe to play.

  • Safe and durable quality materials
  • Friction powered (no need for batteries)
  • Crush-resistant and long-lasting
  • Excellent moving mechanism
  • Doesn’t have sharp corners
  • Needs bigger storage bag

7. PJ Masks Vehicle Cat-Car & Catboy Figure

PJ Masks Vehicle Cat-Car & Catboy Figure

Suggested Age: 3 ~ 10 years

For children who love PJ Masks, this toy car is a must-buy for every parent. The PJ Masks Vehicle Cat-Car & Catboy Figure offers incredible fun to all children. It has an articulated cat boy figure with his bright and colorful vehicle. What’s more, is that the boy figure included in the set is poseable and you can even add more PJ masks on the vehicle – up to 3 PJ characters! Plus, if you love collecting toys, then you can enjoy collecting 5 PJ Masks vehicles.

It’s also ideal for children who are 3 years old and up. This is a very simple car vehicle but offers many benefits and advantages to your child’s growth and development. It’s perfect for improving your child’s fine motors, imagination, and even cognitive skills. It’s also made out of excellent quality materials.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for toy cars that include popular action figures, then this toy is the best option for your child. There’s no doubt that your child will become more creative as he or she find ways how to drive the vehicle using the PJ Masks cat boy figure.

  • 3-inch poseable action figure
  • Bright and vibrant colors
  • Action figure is compatible with other toy cars
  • Realistic depiction of PJ mask character
  • High-quality materials
  • Doesn’t produce any car noise

8. VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

Suggested Age: 1 ~ 3 years

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck is not just another dump truck toy that you can buy for your children. It’s a high-quality toy that includes colorful rock for your kids to enjoy cheerful dump truck play. Watch your kids have a great time while the rocks tumble into the bucket. And once these rocks are inside the bucket, your kids can then enjoy pushing and pulling the toy.

The advantage of this toy is that it helps your child learn more about numbers. Also, it helps in developing their motor skills by lifting the hinged bucket to unload the rocks. The 3 colorful buttons in the truck also play melodies, phrases, and at the same time help your children learn more about colors and numbers.

Conclusion: This toy cars truck is great for children who love to listen to different kinds of melodies while playing vehicle toys. It has smart responses and 3 colorful buttons.

  • Smart responses and 3 colorful buttons
  • Increase your toddler’s knowledge about numbers
  • Easy push and pull mechanism
  • Enjoyable truck sounds for more fun play
  • Adding knobs on the strings should provide better support and grasp for kids

9. iBaseToy Toy Cars

iBaseToy Toy Cars, Transport Car Carrier Truck 12 in 1 Educational Vehicles Toy Car Set for Toddlers

Suggested Age: 3 ~ 12 years

Looking for a toy car that includes lots of car toy accessories? Then, we suggest that you buy your child iBase Toy Cars which is a 12 in 1 toy car carrier. It includes 8 mini colorful cars, 2 helicopters, 1 town map, 2 roadblocks, and 2 off-road vehicles. The package is more than enough for your kids to have fun.

It’s also made out of safe and premium materials that do not contain any BPA or lead. This provides a safer and healthier play for your kids. There’s also no need for you to spend on batteries since this toy only requires a push and move mechanism. This product is also very easy to carry and kids can bring them anywhere they go. This day is also great to develop their imagination, creativity, hand-eye coordination, cognitive processes, and shape recognition.

Conclusion: The iBase Toy Cars is for parents who want to give their children a set of toys that include a lot of different types of vehicles. Your kids will enjoy the different types of toys include in the package.

  • Easy carry and storage
  • Helicopter stand and city map included
  • Great for educational development
  • Offers a one-year money-back guarantee
  • Can be quite expensive

10. Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier

Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier

Suggested Age: 3 years and up

One of the best ways for your child to enjoy a toy or car vehicles is to buy them a set that includes lots of accessories. Unlike other toy cars that you’ll find in the market today, Toy Trick Transport Car Carrier Toy includes a complete highway set. Your children will surely have an awesome time imagining real driving and highways. The package includes roadblock, cones, and Construction signs. Also, Hot Wheels cars and other Matchbox cars fit in the highway set.

Your kids will also learn how to be neat and organized while playing. These toys help them appreciate the value of arranging things and how important it is to take good care of their toys. This product is very easy to play and includes carrying handle and detachable in front of the truck. What’s more, is that the company offers a money-back guarantee if you and your child are not satisfied with the purchase.

Conclusion: It’s an incredible set of toy cars with fun and creative accessories. This product will surely give your children priceless enjoyment.

  • Easy to play
  • Made out of top quality materials
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • More expensive compared to other toy cars

Final Conclusion

You should also make sure that you only buy toys from reliable suppliers. Don’t forget to check for reviews and testimonials first before buying a toy. Find out what other parents are saying about the particular toy car. And of course, be sure that the toys are safe to play – this is where the testimonials and feedback of other parents matter.

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