10 Best Toddler Drum Sets In 2020

As early as toddlers, they should be allowed in exploring their talents especially if you want them to be inclined in music at an early age. Playing the drums is the perfect way to encourage them to understand music creatively. It comes in all sizes, shapes, and purposes depending on who is going to use it and depending on the range of your budget.

How to choose the best toddler drum set? There are factors to consider in choosing the right drum set for your child. There is no limit to the number of physical and mental skills that your child might develop in playing drums. Playing the drums at an early age is a perfect way to introduce music and instill the value of being confident.

In this article, we have come up with a list of toddler drum sets that are best for toddlers with its outstanding features. Each drum set has its highlights that will be beneficial for toddlers.

#1. VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

VTech-KidiBeats-Drum-Set View on Amazon

Suggested Age: 2 ~ 5 years

Perform like a star with this toddler drum set that is also educational that will help teach toddlers aged 2 to 5 learn about alphabets and numbers while enjoying creating music. It includes builtin melodies such as dance, pop, and rock.it is equipped with four play modes with following along and free letters and numbers.

It has a total of 16 kinds of drum sounds when the three drum pads and cymbal are tapped. There are 4 ways to play: follow me, number jams, alphabets, and freestyle. It has overall dimensions of 3.9 x 12.1 x 11.5 with a weight of 2 pounds.

Conclusion: This drumset is helpful for children for sensory development, improved memory, and musical creativity.  This is not enjoyed by children only but for patents as well. This set is a fun engagement for the young.

  • 4 modes of play
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Volume control
  • Parent-Friendly Features
  • 4 different genre
  • drum pads with LED lights
  • You have to buy a separate battery

#2. Schylling TD Tin Drum

Schylling TD Tin Drum View on Amazon

Suggested Age: 3 years and up

This classic drum set has a strong beat with its two wooden sticks and adjustable strap. There is a colored ball inside the drum that bounces as you play. It’s color white, blue and red is perfect for those children who are just starting to be active with petty things.

This drum set is only applicable to children ages 3 and above. The main drums are made from tin with plastic drumsticks and plastic clear drum heads. Its detachable nylon strap measures 75 x 75 x 55 inbox.

Conclusion:This colorful toddler drum set will truly attract your child to tap it and create a new sound. This is the beginning of your child’s creativeness.

  • Detachable nylon strap
  • Produces strong beat
  • 6 inches wooden stick
  • Durable
  • Metal springs
  • Attractive color for kids
  • No way to control the volume of the sounds

#3. Bright Starts Light & Learn Drum

Bright Starts Light & Learn Drum View on Amazon

Suggested Age: 3 months and up

This drum set easily attracts attention because of its illuminating lights. Lights with colors, numbers, and sounds that surely engage the child to set into motion. It has 3 modes of educational play in which your child can learn numbers and colors while making fun of creating a beat.

You can take it anywhere conveniently because of its easy-to-hold handle. Your child can control the lights as the drum is being tapped. It is lightweight with its 1.28 pounds and its dimensions of 8.8 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches.

Conclusion: Let your child be engaged in feeling like a rockstar while practicing numbers and colors. Let them create a magical light show that is full of sounds.

  • 3 Modes of Play
  • Easy-grab handle
  • Color changing in color mode
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • You need to constantly change batteries

#4. WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set

WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set View on Amazon

Suggested Age: 3 years and up

This drum set is equipped with a movable working microphone that allows the child to do various functions to bang out tunes and create music. This serves as a developmental toy where your child recognizes audio and musical development at an early age. It is also a great activity to prepare your child for school because their attention span and memory are practiced.

Engage, entertain and educate little ones is the aim of the manufacturer of this toddler drum set. They make sure that every part of the drum set is made from high-quality materials. It has overall dimensions of 21 x 17.5 x 5 inches with a weight of 5.9 pounds

Conclusion: This all-in-one drum set allows the children to relax and enjoy the beautiful tunes of songs, melodies, drum beats, and dance music. This is a great way to introduce future musicians in the music industry.

  • Adjustable Volume
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Attractive features and functions
  • Quite heavy

#5. Rabing Kids Drum Set

Rabing Kids Drum Set View on Amazon

Suggested Age: 3 ~ 12 years

This musical instrument is equipped with three drum pads and one cymbal that creates a unique sound that is good for your child’s sensory development. Its cymbal has interactive features that produce light and sound dynamic simulation with a multicolor and adjustable microphone.

It consists of 5 play mode with flashing lights, 10 beautiful songs, 4 kinds of interesting sound effects and 3 dynamic rhythm and simulation drums. Its microphone can also be connected to the computer if your child wants to sing over youtube videos. It weighs 2.15 pounds with dimensions of 26.9 x 12.9 x 14 inches.

Conclusion: This toddler drum set has a lively and lovely cartoon design with bright colors that will surely stimulate your child’s interest. Let your child feel the drummer vibes.

  • Microphone with independent switch
  • Safe ABS material
  • EVA material of the drum
  • Educational musical toy
  • Hard time turning off the background music

#6. B toys – Drum Roll Please

B toys View on Amazon

Suggested Age: 2 ~ 4 years

This portable musical instrument helps in your child’s development in many aspects such as hand-eye coordination, develop social skills, develop creative thinking and develop imagination skills. You don’t need to worry about the space because you can store other musical instruments inside the drum for easy transport and organized space. The Package contains 7-piece of musical instrument: 1 Whistle, 1 tambourine, 1 toy drum, 2 drumsticks, castanets, and 1 Shaka egg.

Develop a love for music at an early age while having an igniting imagination. It is applicable for toddlers ages 18+ and above. It has overall dimensions of 11.6 x 9.8 x 9 inches with a weight of 3 pounds.

Conclusion: This is a perfect way to creatively introduce music to toddlers. It is a perfect sensory drum set with bright and uplifting colors, twisty handles, bumps, and bristles that is the perfect way to introduce music for future music lovers.

  • Phthalates and BPA free
  • You can store other instruments in it
  • Equipped with handle
  • Portable
  • Sets up and dismantles easily
  • Design is unique and funky
  • Quite pricey for toy drum set

#7. Remo KD-5080-01 Kids Percussion Floor Tom Drum

Remo KD-5080-01 Kids Percussion Floor Tom Drum View on Amazon

Suggested Age: 3 years and up

 This is a colorful drum set that is compact in size making it perfect for classrooms drum circles. It is equipped with Acousticon shell material that is excellent in enhancing low-pitched fundamentals. This is a perfect quality instrument for rhythm development which is the foundation of music. 

Children will have an exciting way of creating and discovering music using a child-friendly instrument. Its durability will last for years. It weighs 3 pounds with product dimensions of 15 x 10 x 15 inches.

Conclusion: If the longevity of use is the one you are looking for, this drum set is perfect for your kids to have an enjoyable but interactive way of learning music. Its manufacturer received a prestigious award for product quality.

  • Weather-resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Made from quality material

#8. VTech Zoo Jamz Stompin’ Fun Drums

VTech Zoo Jamz Stompin’ Fun Drums View on Amazon

Suggested Age: 2 ~ 4 years

This drum set is an encouraging way to expose your child to the enhancement of motor skills and creative thinking by just tapping out beats. They can create their wild sounds while practicing educational skills such as counting, reading, and singing. This drum set includes a stool, drum sticks with 20+ drum and cymbal sounds and 100+ songs of melodies and sounds.

Let your child sit on the stool while stepping on the pedal in creating the bass sound effect and some sweet rockin’ tunes. It features the lighting up of drum heads and cymbals when tapped. It has dimensions of 11.4 x 20.9 x 19.7 with 8.07 pounds.

Conclusion: This drum set is applicable for ages 18+ to 4 years old. Ensure that your child develops motor, cognition and social skills with this drum set.

  • Develop coordination
  • Electronic Drum Panel
  • Four Game Modes
  • eight colorful light-up bars

#9. Little Tikes Tap-A-Tune Drum Baby Toy

Little Tikes Tap-A-Tune Drum Baby Toy View on Amazon

Suggested Age: 1 ~ 3 years

This musical toy assist preschoolers and toddlers introduce the world of music. With its bright colored drums and drumsticks, your child will surely have a long attention span tapping on the drums creating their sound and being creative.

This drum looks very simple but this is a convenient toy for your child where they can create music by just tapping with hands or through the use of the sticks. You don’t have to worry about losing the drum sticks because it can be attached to the side of the drums. It weighs 1.45 pounds with dimensions of 9.2 x 9.2 x 6.3 inches.

Conclusion:: Introduce a cool and unique sound to your child by using this drum that is lightweight and colorful. The sounds it creates make your child giggle into it.

  • BPA-free materials
  • Different ways to operate
  • Sticks attach to the drum for storage
  • Compact size and durable
  • Suitable for 12 months-3 years
  • There are complains that doesn’t sound like a drum

#10. Best Choice Products Kids Electronic Toy Drum Set

Best Choice Products Kids Electronic Toy Drum Set View on Amazon

Suggested Age: 2 ~ 5 years

This multicolored drum set introduces your child to the world of creative music. It is equipped with all the things needed for your child to rock out. It includes left/right snare drums, bass drum, cymbal, and a microphone.

It has a 5 buttons play that has different background music with 4 light-up buttons that modify the sound effects for more creative ways to play the drums. Your child can jam out completely because of the completeness of props from the drum set, a stool to the microphone. It has a drum set dimensions of 27″(L) x 8”(W) x 25″(H) with a weight of 5.2 pounds.

Conclusion:: This all-in-one toddler drum set will definitely bring joy and excitement to your child while giving its physical and mental enhancement. You can bring it anywhere to learn the art of music. All of its parts are handy for toddlers so that they can bring it to any part of your house.

  • Multicolor Mic, Stool, and Drumsticks
  • Pre-programmed background music
  • Volume adjustment buttons
  • Three fun modes
  • Mirrored surface
  • Large handle
  • The drum doesn’t always respond to the prompts

Final Thoughts

This all-in-one toddler drum set will bring joy and excitement to your child while giving its physical and mental enhancement. You can bring it anywhere to learn the art of music. All of its parts are handy for toddlers so that they can bring it to any part of your house.

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